Journey to Personal Best


PB with Bronte Founder and Olympic Gold Medallist Bronte Campbell

I began thinking about this during COVID when all the pools were closed and I spent more time swimming with local groups in the ocean. I started having conversations with other swimmers about technique and stroke improvement and I loved their curiosity and desire to learn new skills. In teaching others I also realised how much knowledge I’d accumulated in my 20+ years of swimming.

I started recommending people use pull buoys for their freestyle technique, kickboards to increase leg endurance and fins for everyone from beginners to advanced to help feel your body position; as well as giving general stroke advice. The question became, how do I spread this further, beyond our little group?

During this time I really embraced the idea of personal best. I've spent the best part of 20 years trying to get better at my craft.

In this downtime I had to re-evaluate what my best looked like. And I know this will continue to evolve when I finish my career. Whatever my best looks like, whether it looks like an Olympic gold medal, or just showing up when your coach, your squad and your pool are all gone, I want to bring it everyday. In the pool and out. 


So I set about designing products that looked good, that gave confidence and came with a little guide on how to use them. I also wanted to create a place where people could learn more about swimming, where I could share the tools of the trade but also share how to get the most out of them and yourself.

Over a few months this evolved from a small idea into something concrete, swim gear that actually helps your swimming. It’s not about being better than others it’s about what your best looks like. And so PB with Bronte was created.